Ah Seng always gives money to Ah Gong. Everytime Ah Seng buys things at a shop, Ah Gong gets 7%. Ah Seng smokes and drinks occasionally, so for that privilege, Ah Seng gives Ah Gong a bit more.

Every year, Ah Seng pays a portion of what he earns to Ah Gong. This excludes the 40% (20+20 CPF) he gives to Ah Gong for safe keeping.

Ah Gong takes that 40% and invests it on Ah Seng’s behalf, and promises Ah Seng will get it back at 60. No, 65. Wait, it’s 67? Ah Seng doesn’t know when he’s getting back the money.

Ah Gong pays his henchmen millions of Ah Seng’s money for their “talent”, and gives Ah Seng peanuts. The peanuts get bigger toward the end of each 4 year cycle.

Ah Seng shouts and screams to get his money back, but Ah Gong just “lol”.

Not forgetting, Ah Gong’s million dollar henchmen tells Ah Seng that picking up cardboard in old age is “exercise”.

Ah Seng can’t wait to dump Ah Gong, but Ah Gong just refuses to die.