The comedy was acquired by Netflix for a cool $118 million back in 2015 is moving to an unnamed WarnerMedia streaming platform. Source

Friends is currently the third most popular sitcom on Netflix in the US, and it’s removal from the service is a huge blow to their offerings.

Besides that, more companies are coming up with their own streaming services, notably, Disney, whose content includes the following notable ones:

  • Star Wars
  • The Muppets
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Disney Princesses/Princes (eg. characters from  Aladdin , The Lion King , Mulan, Frozen, and Cinderella )
  • The Chronicles of Narnia Franchise
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise
  • Pixar Films (such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Cars)
  • The Winnie the Pooh Franchise
  • The Indiana Jones Franchise
  • Grey’s Anatomy (and other popular ABC shows)

The reason why Netflix was so successful was because it consolidated a large number offerings from many different companies onto one platform, for one fee. Other companies now wanting a slice of that pie, could very well end up unmaking the whole damn pie.

At the end of the day, consumers suffer. Could this spell the start of the end of the popularity of streaming services?