All the signs point to it. The opposition is stirring, the PAP is also moving, and the Big G is mobilizing the election guys for training and what not.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock, and the new PSP

Dr Tan Cheng Bock has applied to the Registry of Societies on Jan 16 for his new Progress Singapore Party (PSP). A rather unfortunate collision of acronyms with Playstation Portable, but the name has a rather nice ring to it. It is time for Progress, isn’t it? But I digress.

His application is pending approval (processing time of up to two months). As part of the application process, the party has to list down who its office-holders and other members are.

And they are:

From left, Mr Anthony Lee, 39, assistant secretary-general; Mr Wang Swee Chuan, 68, chairman; Mr G K Singam, 81, vice-chairman; and Mr S Nallakaruppan, who is in his 50s, party treasurer. Source: (Learn more about the founding members here)

Dr Tan recently held a CNY gathering at his place, where many Opposition members gathered, presumably to give the PAP a run for their money.

Thanks for the invitation to my family and friends to your #ChineseNewYear open house Dr & Mrs Tan Cheng Bock. Good food, better company! #Huatah!

Posted by Ravi Philemon on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Lee Kuan Yew must be stirring in his grave.

The Ones In Power

And then we have Lee Hong Chuang, the PAP candidate who lost in Hougang SMC, doing his CNY rounds back in Hougang. He was at
Poh Teck Siang Temple, giving out goodie bags to the elderly.

Distributing food rations and red packets to #Hougang residents and friends after the morning breakfast at Poh Teck Siang Tng 【報德善堂】Bao De Shan Tang wishing them a prosperous Chinese New Year. – LHC

Posted by Lee Hong Chuang 李宏壮 on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

There’s been some debate online as he is also a grassroots leader, using grassroots funds, to increase his exposure to residents. Nevertheless, the residents here are the winners, so no complaints there.

Upcoming election

The next General Election has to be held before 15 Jan 2021, but it is likely that we will see it much sooner than that. There have been some rumblings that indicate the elections will be held this year, but we’ll see.

We will be discussing (our opinions) in upcoming posts:

  • What the current Government (PAP la) has done right
  • Where they have failed to meet our expectations
  • How worthy is the Opposition

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