“Dum dum dum, another one bites the dust, …”

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has suspended ofo’s licence to operate their bike sharing service here, effective today (14 Feb 2019). Source

In a statement released by LTA, “Despite previous communications with ofo to comply with the regulatory requirements by Feb 13, 2019, ofo has failed to comply with these requirements, including proper implementation of the QR code system”.

Due to suspension, ofo now has 1 month, until 13 Mar 2019, to remove all their bicycles from public spaces. I wonder if this is even possible. Back in November, LTA served ofo their Notice of Intention to take regulatory action for not complying with the maximum fleet size.

Oddly, while LTA had granted them a licence for 25,000 bicycles, ofo had requested that number be reduced to 10,000. At present, they still have more than 25,000 bicycles, which is one of the reasons why LTA is taking action. Source

There is a possibility the suspension could be lifted, if ofo can meet the regulatory requirements stipulated in the licence. Depending on their efforts made to comply, their licence could be canceled.

Fingers crossed. I’ve not used bicycle sharing services in awhile, thankfully. What about you?