Customers of Deliveroo’s food delivery service have noticed additional fees being snuck into their bills during checkout, in the form of a “small order fee”. The fee of up to $5 is charged for orders under $10. The change comes no more than six months after Deliveroo removed their minimum $12 spend for delivery to most parts of Singapore.

On one hand, such a charge is understandable, as the company has to make money somehow. On the other, to not announce the new fees in a forthcoming way is an unacceptable way to do business.

Netizens respond:

The supporters (Deliveroo riders maybe?)

The logical and practical ones:

The ones who support the riders:

Deliveroo responds:

Mr Siddharth Shanker, general manager for Deliveroo Singapore, said in response to queries that the “variable fees” are tied to the service’s expansion.

No one likes paying additional fees, but Deliveroo should’ve been more upfront about it, IMO.

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